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The Artwell Company was founded in late 2018 for the purpose of bringing multiple businesses under one umbrella, the company is active in many sectors including E-commerce, Technology, International Trade and Marketing. As the demands of the market change, we are focused on providing quality products & Services at the best possible price for our customers.

New Project

Artwell Company is pleased to announce its new
E-commerce marketplace platform "Azott.com", for Algerian and international sellers.

Current & Past Projects 

East West Export: an initiative to market and export Algerian Agriculture and semi-industrial products, to Europe and South East Asia.

BetterChoice: Natural Algerian dates brand directed to be exported toward northern Europe.

Artvox (later ART83): A mixed design company, launched an interior design training program for architecture students in Algeria. (Abandoned)

ART83: an interior and exterior design company using AR (Augmented Reality) as a key element for design visualization.

Clever Render: service launched to help students who can't afford to buy powerful rendering stations for their creative and university projects.

Bent: An online/offline software-service project developed as a response for the increased demand from Algerian companies and retails store for a more sophisticated POS & inventory management software.

Orange Express: A shipping company that use innovative goods and parcels delivery methods to cut high delivery cost and solve complicated shipping problems. in general Orange Express is the company you call when conventional companies cant help you get your things done. 

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