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The best training program that enables you to explore the wonderful world of interior design and start your career as an interior designer

About ArtVox's

ArtVox is a mixed design company which offers design services and consultation, in addition to its recently launched Interior Design Program that was developed in response to a need to provide professionals and architects with a comprehensive interior design education that is of professional quality, affordable, and available to working individuals on full time training as well as on a part-time basis.

Mission Statement

With the high number of rising competition and market complexity, a professional career in Interior Design and Architecture is more challenging today than ever. It combines the creative, the aesthetic, the innovative, and the practical to create the important stages upon which people live.

Our mission is specifically to produce such informed, skilled, and inspired designers with the educational qualifications to start working as an Interior Designer.
In carrying out this mission, the ArtVox's Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture offers design education that combines studio courses with the study of design theory, history, presentation skills and resources.

Definition of an Interior Designer

The professional interior designer is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces for the purpose of improving the quality of life, increasing productivity, and protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public.
The professional interior designer:

  • Analyzes clients’ needs, goals, and life safety requirements
  • Integrates his findings with a knowledge of interior design
  • Formulates preliminary design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriate, functional and in accordance with codes and standards.
  • Develops and presents final design recommendations through appropriate presentation media.
  • Prepares working drawings and specifications for non-load-bearing interior construction, reflected ceiling plans, lighting, interior detailing, materials, finishes, space planning,furnishings, fixtures, and equipment in compliance with universal accessibility guidelines and all applicable codes
  • Collaborates with professional services of other licensed practitioners in the technical areas of mechanical, electrical, and load-bearing design as required for regulatory approval of mechanical, electrical, and load-bearing design as required for regulatory approval
  • Prepares and administers bids and contract documents as the client’s agent
  • Reviews and evaluates design solutions during implementation and upon completion
Artvox interior design
Course Descriptions
The 101 Hours Interior Design Program
Introduction to interior design 

Interior design is a field that blends creative expression with practical application. This course introduces
the profession, its history, and its related specialties and disciplines. Slide-illustrated lectures and discussions will help you develop an awareness of the basic principles of design.

History of architecture and interior design 

This course takes an integrated approach to design of the built environment, beginning with ancient Egypt, continuing through the Renaissance and ending in the late 18th century with English neoclassicism, French Empire and finally the rapid shift in Architecture and design from the time of the Industrial
Revolution in the 19th century to the period of cultural postmodernism in
the late 20th century.

Drafting and drawing 

You will learn Interior architectural drafting functions as a tool for the presentation of design concepts and as the means of communicating a set of instructions to a builder. In this course you learns the language and uses of drafting. He produces plans, sections, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, and details for a small design project. He is also introduced to simple construction methods and axonometric drawings.

Principles and element of design 

In this course you will get an opportunity to explore and develop your creativity, the principles —balance, harmony, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, and proportion— that are the foundation of good design, and you learn how these principles interact with the elements of scale, form, color, and texture.

Space planning 

In this course you practice and gain experience developing programs that satisfy your clients’ needs and make
the best use of available space. You learn techniques for assimilating client project information, analyzing program requirements, developing schematic space-planning solutions and Building codes and barrier free designs.

Color theory and applicant for interior design 

Color is one of the most powerful, useful, and expressive tools available to those designing interior spaces. The first four sessions in this course concentrate on color theory the remaining sessions present a detailed exploration of color and its effect on interior spaces. You develop greater sensitivity to color and discover how it influences our environment. 

Lighting design 

You will Develop a new awareness of lighting while exploring its effects on interior spaces and their human occupants. You are introduced to basic lighting design concepts through study of the aesthetic values of light, shadow, and color. The instructor discusses technical aspects of lighting, including light sources, fixtures, installation, and energy codes.

Furniture design

Furniture works as a functional and circulatory element in interior design. Interior designers use furniture to establish a pleasing sense of order.
They consider design in the arrangement of furniture along with the elements of design such as shape, form, color, and texture.

Building construction systems in interior design

This introduces building components, systems, and processes, and the sequence of construction in residential and commercial buildings. You learn how the various building systems—plumbing , electrical, and environmental controls—are integrated into the design and construction process to provide a safe, healthy, and appropriate environment for human activity.

Landscape in interior design 

Landscape in interior design is the art of designing, installing, and caring for plants in an enclosed environment. Interior landscaping creates an overall pleasant environment by using natural colors, focal points, ornaments, and sculptural elements.

Materials of Interior Design

Materials of Interior Design focuses on the materials available to the interior designer and their characteristics, sources, and applications.

3D software for interior design presentation

Despite your background and level at using 2D and 3D softwares, All the courses in this program are going to be assisted with the actual use of 2D and 3D softwares to enable you as an interior design student to learn how present your design ideas and communicate your thoughts by using technology

Questions about the program

ArtVox's Interior Design Program offers the best value in term cost, quality and duration. The program is planned to be in no less than 101 hours.(additional hours can be added if necessary).

Part time students can complete the program in 12 weeks on the terms of studying 9 hours every week.
Full time schedule might be announced in the future

There are no requirements for joining the program.

Simply visit to The Artwell Company office and reserve your seat. Please note that the number of places is very limited as the class will be composed of a maximum of 15 students.

10% of the program's fee is paid upon the student registration (seat reservation). and the rest 90% of the program's fee is paid 3 days before the start of the program.

after the student register to take the program, he/she will be contacted immediately when the number of registered students reach 15 students in order to complete the installments and start the training. 

at the end of the program you will get the Artvox's 101 Hours Interior Design Program certificate which is going to prove your competence as a qualified interior designer.
at the end of the program, you will get the 101 Hours Interior Design Program certificate which is going to prove your competence as a qualified interior designer.


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