Instruction for 3ds Max 

In order to render the scene, you’ll need to create a zip/rar/7z file first.
Please zip the original scene files and files of all scene textures. File name can contain only English keyboard symbols.

Ways to pack your scene:

Any 3ds Max version: Built in 3ds Max utility Resource collector
For 3ds Max 2015-2017: File → Save As → Archive
For 3ds Max 2018-2019: File → Archive...

If the archive exceeds 1 GB, upload the archive via FTP or File Manager.

For automatic render you can use our program RenderApp.


If you render with V-Ray, please disable V-Ray frame buffer option:

Corona Render

When using Corona Render, if you want the task to stop as a whole (i.e. not partially) and at the right moment, you need to set the tab "Render Progressive" at the required limit of "Passes". Shall any further issues arise here – please study Corona render.

Render Elements

If you want to get Render Elements (used in V-Ray and MentalRay rendering), delete paths for all render elements:

Frame range

To render animations (sequence) make sure to select Range parameters for frames:

Prepass\Animation Render (irrmaps)

1- To render passes, do the following:

    Go to V-Ray settings tab Irradiance maps (Indirectillumination → IrradianceMap) and make sure to select Mode Animation (prepass), as well as to leave checks at the boxes Don't delete and Auto save.

    IMPORTANT! Make sure that Auto save line has ONLY the file name, WITHOUT local drivers and folders. In this mode, the final image will NOT be rendered.

2- In order to calculate all the animation in light of the already existing maps or light, you need to set mode Animation (rendering). Maps should already be placed in your file. The final image will be built in this mode.
3- To render the scene with irradiance map, which was previously rendered in Multiframe incremental mode, you must switch the mode to From file and select appropriate irradiance map. Once that is done, you should remove the path to the file, leaving ONLY the name of the map.

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